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Aurum Kings is a competitive arena game where the goal is to become the richest in the land! 

Collect Gold

Gain gold while you hold the crown, or pick it up throughout the time spent in each level! 

The first player to reach the set amount of gold wins!! 

Cause Chaos

Use your chosen ability to give you the edge in each match, blowing others into lava pits, or stunning them with a bear trap! 

Unique Environments

Each map is different, with a new environmental mechanic! 

Fast-Paced gameplay

The enemy has victory in the sights, gloating about far ahead they are compared to everyone else when suddenly, BOOM! They get pushed into a corner by a bomb, trapped, you take the crown from them and dive away, making an epic comeback for the victory. 

Gamepad Controls: (Gamepad IS required)

Left Stick - Move

Left Bumper -  Use ability 

Right Bumper - Dash 

Installation Instructions

1. Download the file for your platform

2. Extract the .zip file 

 3. Double click on the AurumKings.exe * file to play the game!

* - File extension may vary based on your platform

Support and Contact 

The game is currently in development, and this is a demo. Not all maps are included, and there may be some bugs. If you do run into a bug by chance, please report it!! 

For further support and questions, just comment below and we will get back to you! 


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